World book day!

Since it’s world book day, we obviously discussed in the VPA office what our favourite books are and what characters we would dress up as (if we were 10 years younger and in year six).

I would definitely choose to dress up as the White Witch from Narnia, as I love the Narnia!!! and my favourite book would have to be the first Harry Potter, for nostalgic reasons. Jo, our VPA coordinator, chose The Handmaid’s Tale as her favourite book, and decided she would dress up as Fantastic Mr. Fox. Dewi chose The Great Gatsby as his favourite book, and sticking with the theme, chose the suave Jay Gatsby to impersonate. Emily chose the Discworld series as her favourite books, and would definitely dress up as the orangutan librarian. And finally, Nathaniel would dress up as the BFG and his favourite books are Schott’s Original Miscellany.

So that’s that! What is your favourite book? and who would you dress up as?