Residential !

Last week I had the opportunity to join Team 115 of The Princes Trust Team programme on their residential. I managed to get a tonne of good photos and video, including a 4 day video diary I will upload asap !
I had such a good week, I helped take part in activities like Hiking, Rock Climbing, Caving, Traversing and Abseiling.

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World book day!

Since it’s world book day, we obviously discussed in the VPA office what our favourite books are and what characters we would dress up as (if we were 10 years younger and in year six).

I would definitely choose to dress up as the White Witch from Narnia, as I love the Narnia!!! and my favourite book would have to be the first Harry Potter, for nostalgic reasons. Jo, our VPA coordinator, chose The Handmaid’s Tale as her favourite book, and decided she would dress up as Fantastic Mr. Fox. Dewi chose The Great Gatsby as his favourite book, and sticking with the theme, chose the suave Jay Gatsby to impersonate. Emily chose the Discworld series as her favourite books, and would definitely dress up as the orangutan librarian. And finally, Nathaniel would dress up as the BFG and his favourite books are Schott’s Original Miscellany.

So that’s that! What is your favourite book? and who would you dress up as?


Success in the VPA office

Now we all knew what a fantastic opportunity being a VPA with Groundwork would be when we applied, or we wouldn’t be here! But recently, the experience that being a VPA has provided some of us with is definitely paying off. I, Laura, am very excited to say that I have been offered a paid internship with an environmental company in the pretty darn swish MediaCity in Salford and it is safe to say I wouldn’t have even stood a chance without the support from Jo and Andy and the experiences they have provided me with. A very detailed placement plan was set out for me when I joined Groundwork based on what I wanted to gain from my time here. I have gained valuable experience in a fantastic environment which I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do elsewhere and I am very thankful for that.


Emily, on the other hand, is through to the next stage of an application for a very exciting job opportunity, so best of luck to her too!

I want to use this post to reiterate that the Groundwork VPA programme is a brilliant opportunity and I would definitely recommend it to any graduate needing to gain that vital experience they need to get in to their desired field of work. It is a brilliant company to work for, full of supportive and friendly people and amazing opportunities!


I may have to bake a cake to celebrate….

Visit our website to find out how to apply or some more general information 🙂

Pancake Day!!

Although it is only Dewi and I in the office today, it is not stopping us from using Pancake day as an excuse to eat some form of cakey treat, even if it may be flat and round and not cake like at all. We’ve gone for the old time favourite topping of lemon and sugar, and we may have also bought a jar of chocolate spread. Gotta have a bit of choice, dontcha?! Image


What’s your favourite pancake topping?


Laura x