Marketing and communications team!


Last but not least, the lovely, amazing, wonderful dream team (I’m not biased, honest).

Meet Michael Warren and Laura Isherwood (myself)!

Mike has an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design with honours from The University of Salford. He chose groundwork as he felt it would be relevant experience and an opportunity to get some great shots and pieces of work for his portfolio. Mike also hopes to strengthen his CV by volunteering for Groundwork.

There seems to be a running theme here, but I don’t disagree with it – Mike has also gone for a cheesecake as his favourite cake. However, he did pose the question ‘Does cheesecake count?’ and now I’m wondering myself. Is cheesecake a cake? hmmmm


Last but not least – a not so good photo of me, but wonderful photography by Mike! I am Laura Isherwood and I graduated last year from Leeds Metropolitan University with a 2:1 in BA (hons) Psychology with Criminology. I chose Groundwork as they had been recommended to me by a few people, and when I looked them up and saw their brilliant opportunity to get on the VPA scheme as a Marketing Project Assistant, I jumped at the chance! By doing this placement, I hope to develop the experience I already have in PR, Marketing and managing social media accounts, but I also hope to gain new experience, such as project management. I love the type of work that groundwork do and some of the stories I hear about different projects really make me smile. 🙂

Ok – fave cake. That’s a toughie. Is sticky toffee pudding a cake?! I don’t know. If not, I do love me a bit of carrot cake! Mmmmmmm. On that note, it’s lunch time.



I hope you have enjoyed reading about the new VPA team. We’ll be posting regular updates on the trials and tribulations (Dramatic. I wanted it to sound exciting) of the Groundwork VPA team Jan-April 2014!





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