Reservoir trails project update

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Hi I’m Melissa – my placement at Groundwork is split between assisting with the delivery of Level 1 Practical Countryside Skills and the Watershed landscapes Reservoir Trails Project.
Matt, Dene and I took the current Practical Countryside Skills team on a reservoir trail to Blackstone Edge in the South Pennines. There were 10 of us altogether and everyone was enthusiastic about the walk. The trail was 3 miles long, with great views of Hollingworth Lake and the surrounding area, we could also see Manchester city centre in the distance. The weather was glorious and we needed lots of water throughout the day. The walk was really pleasant, sometimes the track was quite uneven and steep up the Roman Road but it was worth it for the views. We walked to the Aiggin Stone (600 years old) which was the highest point of the trail. We followed a canal bed back to the minibus and had a well deserved rest!
To find out more about Reservoir trails and access downloadable maps of the walk routes please click here



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