Week two in the VPA Programme

This week our VPAs have attended a lot of training to prepare them for starting project delivery next week!
On Monday we took a tour of the building in Higginshaw and found out about all the different staff and projects going on in the building. In the afternoon we had safeguarding training with Jo Fullman.
On Tuesday we met Andrew Fowler the Marketing officer to learn about press releases, social media, promoting the work of the trust and took part in a photography workshop. The team also celebrated shrove Tuesday by cooking up pancakes at lunch time 🙂
On Wednesday we met Clare Young the HR Officer who delivered some training for us on equality and diversity.
On Thursday we had Health and Safety training with Ian Holloway followed by an IT induction and introduction to Environmental Management Systems with magical Mike Beere the Training and Quality Coordinator.
Today has been spent on Irkside nature site with Matt Lynwood and Dene Marland getting to grips with the Practical Countryside Skills part of our programme.
Next week we will get our new volunteers to some posts about how they are getting on so far!
Jo and Gemma
(The photos in this post were all taken by the team on photography training)


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