Week 8!

So time is flying, we’re two thirds of the way through the programme now and as we see Christmas trees and tunes appearing in our shops, we know the end is in sight!

Preparations towards our final presentation have begun… a short film about a day in the life of the VPA…. so watch this space!

Monday – Wednesday

As we all delved back into our projects this week, lots of interesting things happened.

Rachel and Sarah have been rapidly putting together another event, a quick turnaround from the Halloween event, with just two and a half days to finalise everything. After running around to source materials for their habitat boxes, Isaac kindly cut down the materials for them, which was very much appreciated! This event will be running in two weeks’ time hopefully!

Marc had an interview at the beginning of the week…. and got the job! Congrats, this is great news to hear! But he’s still staying on the scheme, being so close to the end and all. So he’s been keeping busy with RBH, helping young people to put themselves out there for jobs and trying to gain experience in writing bids for extra funding.

Liz has been gathering up all sorts of information for her on-going projects, whilst also doing a couple of assemblies this week in local schools. She is working hard on her Watersheds project and is hoping to inform more young people about our environment. Her workload has increased for the up and coming week, but she’s ready to take on the challenge!

Steve has been getting involved with the heritage officers, having his first meeting with the archaeologist this week. Together they scoured the site, unearthing some interesting artefacts! As he gains more information about the site and its history, I’m sure this will become very useful for the residents of the area.

As for myself, I have been working on a couple of projects this week, putting together a drawing of the main priorities within the Watersheddings area, as well as detailing up some areas for a primary school scheme and trying to cost them up.


With a team trip originally planned for Thursday, sadly it had to be postponed, due to many other commitments from the team. But never mind, some time for a catch-up on some portfolio work and a delicious donut from Tesco, which was mouth numbing from all the sugar, gave us a nice, chilled out day.

James Miguel, Tawanda and Sharaz all went for an assessment day for a potential job! From what I have heard, it was definitely a good day all round and I hope it goes well for you all!


Well, what can I say! Although we were a small team, Liz and James Miguel had an action packed day planned for us. As we cleared out the pond area, some unexpected things were unearthed, lurking beneath…. whilst a frog hiding amongst the reeds, provided us with a good sign of species on the site.

Mud was shifted from the pond, with people fashioning waders…. a pretty good look, although I’m not too sure that they are going to make it onto London fashion week! As the heavens opened up later too, let’s just say that we were definitely a picture by the end of the day, with mud becoming our personal accessory!

Today was also our practice tree ID test, so we finished up early, making our way back into the office, taking the opportunity to have a bit of a clean down before making our travels home. Definitely necessary!

So, that is for another week, I won’t be here for two weeks, as I have taken on some short term surveying work in Manchester. So you won’t be hearing from me, but I’m sure the rest of the team will fill you in!

All the best!



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