Don’t rain on my parade (but at least there’s cake) – week 4


Monday to Wednesday we have been carrying on with our projects. Here what few of us have been doing:

James – Turned into Mr Postman spending 6 hours stuffing envelopes but he did it singing many a tuneful song . He also learnt about the exciting new plans in Business Services

Karen – Finished drawing the bridge design.

Mac – Monday worked in the office designing posters. Tuesday consulted with a garden group and is going to write a bid so that they can by some equipment and go on trips. Also worked with children in the afternoon doing a steering group (Project our place)

Sarah and Rachel -Planned the finer details for the Spooky spectacular and maintenance events.  Looking forward to hosting the events and have lots of exciting ideas such as nature trail where we will be looking for fairy goblets (AKA Acorns)

Sharaz – Looked up bid ideas.

Liz – Was ill for Part of the week but for the rest week worked on Prezzie and emailing people

Field Trip


The Vistors centre

On a very wet and windy Thursday everyone  visited  Brockholes in Preston. With an amazing nature site, where the whole visitor centre is floating on water. First stop was the cafe with a nice hot drink and a slice of cake, Yummy!  In such a beautiful surrounding, it was a perfect place for a team meeting and to catch up on the weeks progress.  An extra bonus was the animal joke book found by James, so we could open with some delightful jokes such as “How do we know vultures are religious?” “ Because they are birds of prey” Bazinga!


The ancient Woodland

We then went for an exploration around the ancient woodland , we improved our tree Id skills along the way (What leaf can you high five? A sycamore).Half way around we escaped the rain by sheltering in the bird hide, a perfect place for a photo opportunity of the local wildlife and to jump out and scare the living daylights out of our fellow VPA colleges .

We arrived back the visitor centre felling refreshed and full of inspiration for local events, then, it was time for lunch followed by nice browse around the shop, full of interesting nature related goodies.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Summit  Site

On Friday with limited numbers (get well soon team) we made another visit to Summit Site to do some more clearing.  We cut back the shrubs around the path at the entrance and made a start clearing the car park. We made some excellent progress as the photos show. There is something strangely satisfying about lopping trees and pulling up weeds. We had dinner around a camp fire courtesy of Jo, with some nice hot drinks and delicious vegan blueberry cakes baked by Karen.

Path afterwards

Path before we started work

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