Week two

Monday 24/09/12

It was with no doubt a week  full of  ”discovery ”.  A tour round the building showed us how big actually Groundwork Oldham and Rochdale is, full of offices, kitchens and important people. We had the chance of meeting all the Team which were glad and happy to receive us and we even tasted some hilarious cakes offered by the Princes Trust team. The famous tour round the building had It’s climax when an amazing feeling of fun and happiness rushed in to our hearts as we  discovered the pool table yeahhhh ¡¡¡¡

………and yes the question I am asking myself right now is  ” Will  Marc ever loose a game  ¡¡¡¡???? ”

Leaving aside the fun, we had to settle down seriously for some important and useful training, equality and diversity is something crucial for  Volunteering in a social environment, Mrs Clare Young  started the class with  a very peculiar and  kind of obscure way: We were all oblige to say something secret about ourselves who no one would no in a first interaction…… Woooooo really amazing stuff came out, meeting Melanie Griffith ????, Coronation Street ???, David Attenborough ???, Under water sports ????

Tuesday 25/09/12

Early that week we were discovering with enthusiasm our brand new business office for the VPA students yeahhhh ¡¡¡¡¡¡ The computers were awesome, very quick and easy to manage…and for the first time we were using our personal Groundwork email, yes we were definitely part of the organization.

Some Marketing  training with Andrew Fowler really gave a background about the themes related to the organization and encouraged us ‘’ please do not lose an opportunity to get involved and  gain any more experiences  you would desire to obtain ‘’

Later date afternoon an amusing class on bid writing with Mr Howes showed us the importance of shifting the verbal structure of phrases/words/ideas we commonly use in order to appear  much more persuasive, incredible and almost magic techniques  to engage…….

wednesday 26/09/12

By Wednesday we were already starting to get ready for our working placement by just going directly to our office, computers on ¡¡¡ and filling the exercises, work book and sorting out our folders which were pretty much in a mess…Sorry Jo ¡¡¡¡¡¡. Victoria Martin gave us a small background to the ” complex ” financial system held at Groundwork.  Maybe a bit more playful and interesting was Jo’s  training on Safeguarding and Child protection where we made teams in order to work in group and later discovering what kind of learning method we personally have  (Visual, audio or Kinesthetic) I am Kinesthetic !!!!!

Thursday 27/09/12

Mr ” Magic ” Beere delighted  us with some magical cards and coins that James Miguel (myself ) is still trying to figure out….. Mike Beere gave us a real solid background on Environmental Standards and how Groundwork Oldham and Rochdale is committed to the  ISO 14001 environmental management.

On Thursday we also had an intense morning and afternoon on one of the most important issues at groundwork ‘’ the health and safety rules and risk assesment‘’ . Mr Holloway  communicated to us with efficient and engagement helping us to understand the importance of  providing  training and equipment to Volunteers and how these could compromise to the organization.

Friday 28/09/12

                               The Summit Nature Site’s sign (nearly hiding away)

On Friday we were once again prepared for a wonderful morning out at the Summit Nature Park, it was so sunny and the birds were singing… ( well that was actually our most desirable dream ). Fortunately we had equipment as it is followed in the health and safety rules . Incredible  Dene gave  James Miguel (myself again) medical assistance since he had a bump to the head…. Thanks for saving my life Dene ¡¡¡¡¡ next time I will ask the the door frame to move on a little….!

Walking in the rain through the still wild countryside of Littleborough was indeed exciting and I say ‘’still’’ because the VPA is   already  organizing projects, risk assessments and actions to make it a much better place…

With Kindness,

                  James Miguel

Branch in middle of the path. (important for risk assesment)

Photograph revealing the wild nature


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