Joanne Green- Week 11 w/c 06/08/2012

The Team Presentation is almost upon us. We are organizing final team and individual arrangements. I have been printing and cataloging photos, organizing their display, and binding my water analysis reports in readiness for presentation day.

We are all busy finalizing our Community Volunteering Qualification paperwork that requires submitting in Week 12 along with Practical Countryside Skills. Fridays will not be the same without a ‘tool’ in my hand!

Today was tree identification test day. It is important to be able to recognise which tree is which for sustainability and conservation reasons. Trees are reservoirs of life both for its tree community, for soil, and for the air we breathe. It’s so reassuring there is a Woodland Carbon Code for managed forests.

There are images from fellow Volunteer Project Assistants’ Workshop at Chelburn Reservoir. And there is an amazing amphibian treat from my final visit to Boarshaw Clough.

This is my final ‘blogging’ encounter with Groundwork Oldham & Rochdale, producing it has been very enjoyable.

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