Joanne Green- Week 10 w/c 30 July 2012

This week’s research has given me insight in to project risk-management principles, KISS and SAP. Both promote co-regulation with stakeholders for effective governance of projects during the pre-planning of projects.

KISS can risk manage current projects creeping into an undesired direction by scoping them or reflectively once they have finished to improve repetitive projects. KISS, Keeping parts to be used for other projects, Improve important parts, Start parts that I could not do before but which could be beneficial to future projects and Stop doing parts that are unnecessary.

Special thanks to Groundwork Oldham & Rochdale for allowing me time off to attend two important engagements this week:

Annual General Meeting with Equity Housing Group held at Fred Perry Suite. By prearrangement I was appraised for competency by Hugh Laird, The Board Development Agency; and

A Telephone interview with Change Agents for Sustainability Behaviour Assistant at Manchester Metropolitan University or somewhere else!


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