Joanne Green Week 8- w/c 16/07/2012

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This week is my favourite week so far.

For the Bid Writing project I wrote a budget projection; a new activity for me in a work place. A budget projection is a financial statement with projected costs added to it. At first I was unsure of what projected costs are. After seeing some, on some past applications, they remind me of the housing benefit supplementary payment form but it’s on an excel sheet instead of on an A4 sheet. Incomings, outgoings and show what you need yet are unable to afford. Statistical evidence research for the bid application this week includes Measuring National Well-being and Indices of deprivation.

I had an amazing day working in Business Services researching renewable energy proposals for organisations. Research had me perusing some of my favourite sites: Planning Portal, e-Serve, DECC, English Heritage and Maps. I look forward to a repeat opportunity next week.

On Thursday I sat the IEMA Associates exam at Groundwork Oldham & Rochdale. A special thank you to the IT Team for setting-up the computer for me, it worked great.

Friday was water project workshop delivery day, sampling of temperature, pH, Total Dissolved Solids and Conductivity. For this I created a handbook explaining objectives and what I aim to create with the results. Thank you fellow VPAs for working as a team; it was a pleasure to deliver to you and I look forward to yours.

The pictures are from Boarshaw Clough, our first dry day. To build upon the water sampling the picture illustrate the biochemical cycles water (pond) and carbon (trees, bushes, grasses) and how their energy flows from the producers (pond, trees, bushes and flowers) to the consumers (insects).


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