Joanne Green- week 7: w/c 09/07/2012

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With Business Services I went to a Groundwork Oldham & Rochdale workshop: Introduction to bid writing / tendering held at Mercure Manchester Norton Grange Hotel & Spa. The two consultants that led the presentations I attended are Ulka, Business Manager of Thornton & Lowe (Tendering) and Becky, Director of Crowberry Consulting (Policy). The expertise these two ladies have of their subject areas is immense and I recommend you contact them if you want tender advice/services or want to check whether your policies illustrate you have the organisational structure to do the job you are tendering for.

The workshop introduced me to ISO 26000, a social responsibility framework. The standard systematically integrates volunteering into any sector organisation with transparency, fairness and application of environmental principles.

At Boarshaw Clough I learnt how to age its trees and identify tree health. The pictures show some environmental damage of last week’s adverse weather, the biological cycling of sediments and flora and fauna.


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