Joanne Green- Week 5 w/c 25/06/2012

This week I have undertaken research including statistical. Research including Unique Selling Points, Neighbourhood Statistics, Institute of Chartered Accountants, Climate Change Risk Assessment, Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, Countryside Rights of  Way Act 2000 and UK National Ecosystem Assessment: Urban Managed Green space. The organisations needed researching too for their policies and accounts for a report as part of the Community Volunteering Qualification.

I chose the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture as the Statutory Body as their partners offer numerous and varied volunteering opportunities. For the Community Volunteering Qualification workshop I have written a Work Plan, Risk Assessment and a Handout and am waiting for a water sampling kit to arrive.

This week the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment webinars gave two webinars; An Introduction to the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment Adaption Programme and The Value of an effective Non-Technical Summary. Attending the webinars complements the work I am doing. It reminds me of and introduces me to legislation and national programmes that aim to reduce the impacts and effects of climate change to businesses and environmental resources.

At Boarshaw Clough technical skills’ training was pruning and coppicing for Practical Countryside Skills Qualification. Utilising those skills manages UK Biodiversity Action Plan habitats. One tree overhung the path and was a hazard to passers’ by. This week’s trees identified are Rowan, Black Thorn, Ash, Willow and Hazel. I took some ecology photos.

1)    Lodge Flower Meadow contains Grassland, Hedgerow and Ponds and Lodges habitats. Pictures include bramble, cock’s foot grass, clover, cuckoo spit, dusky slug, female meadow brown butterfly, greater spearwort buttercup, horsefly, me, spider with egg sack and swans.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2)    Woodland contains a Native Woodland habitat. Pictures include flies, bleeding oak crust fungi, goat willow leaves with galls and an egg, harlequin ladybird, pedunculate oak, silk moss and me.

The habitats are given in the Greater Manchester Biodiversity Action Plan as areas requiring conservation.


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