Joanne Green- Week 1 w/c 28/05/2012

Induction ‘week’ was four days in duration and contained policies, procedures, paperwork completion and a trip to Hollingworth Lake.

Hollingworth Lake Country Park, Littleborough OL15, UK

The car park contains Common nettle, Monk’s hood, and common fumitory. The Sensor garden has Lamb’s ear. The trees have compound leaves such as feather-like (common ash), finger-like (horse chestnut and sycamore) and simple leaves (maple, hawthorn and cherry). The grasses were full of seeds.


Image 1: Green Man created by Chainsaw artist Mr. Richard James (source: Joanne Green 29/05/2012).

Whilst walking to the lake I walked past The Green Man (image 1) organised by The Countryside Rangers for the Friends of Hollingworth Lake and paid for by the Lottery Community Spaces Grant.

I walked around part of the circumference of the lake along B6225 Lake Bank to Hollingworth Road in the gnats’ habitat. The time was 2pm, the weather warm, cloudy with a light breeze. On my right was the lake (Image 3) and to my left hills containing wind turbines (Image 2). In the forefront of image 2 is the manmade overflow of the lake though Image 4 illustrated that it was not needed at the time of my visit.


Image 2: B6225 Lake Bank, view north-west (source: Joanne Green 29/05/2012).


Image 3: B6225 Lake Bank, view south-east (source: Joanne Green 29/05/2012).


Image 4: B6225 Lake Bank, view south-east (source: Joanne Green 29/05/2012).

At Groundwork Oldham & Rochdale office, Shaw Road, the nine protected characteristics application in the workplace was discussed and debated. This included: Equality and Diversity, Age & Employment, Religion or belief, Sex discrimination & sexual orientation, Race & employment, Disability & employment training. These were supplemented with stereotyping, diversity, equality Vs diversity and social diversity.

By day four I became aware of Groundwork Oldham & Rochdale rules and regulations including expense claiming, What Groundwork does such as Building Crafts, Safeguarding and the location of the paperless policy copies for update familiarization.

With Jo and other Volunteer Project Assistants (VPAs) I became familiar with the building by touring it.



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