Joanne Green- Week 3 w/c 11/06/2012.

I began researching four organisations who accept volunteers; the submission deadline is 02/07/2012.

The organisations are categorised into International, National, Statutory and Local. The organisations are Commonwealth Foundation, British Science Association and Groundwork Oldham & Rochdale. I’m undecided for statutory organisation. So far it’s a three legged race between Natural England, Environment Agency and the University of Manchester. Each is wonderful, steeped in history and science as well as being progressive organisations. This results in it being a difficult decision to make. All comments welcome that may assist me to make up my mind!

As part of the VPA I undertake a project. I’ve chosen Bid Writing. I was very pleased with myself that I met my first deadline, a draft copy of four proposals.

Groundwork encourages VPAs to undertake extra activities. I have joined the Procurement and Environment groups to build upon my skills in those areas.

On Friday I went to Boarshaw Clough with my Cohort of VPAs.
Boarshaw Clough, Middleton M24, UK.

Being an urban dweller Boarshaw Clough is the type of topography that I walk in. I observed bramble, grasses, burdock, a dragonfly (blue) and spittle bugs. Tree leaves include simple leaves narrow (willow) and heart-shaped (lime), lobed (sessile oak), and spiky (holly).

During the visit I witnessed how the ecology has adapted to and is altering its immediate environment. For example succession of reeds adjacent to the Lodge Pond has created a dense area. As a result the river water is unable to permeate it. An aspect of the altered watercourse is the flood plains having calved ravines into its landscape. Interestingly the birds, moorhens, mallards, swans and heron appeared unaffected by the pond’s retraction and behaved as expected.

Image 13 shows an area that has seating in. Unfortunately the weather was abysmal and impacted upon photo opportunities.

Image 13: Seating area (source: Joanne Green 15/06/2012).


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