Offshoots fun day out!

On Friday 16th March we all had a lovely day out at Offshoots in Burnley. Offshoots is a permaculture project that started in 2007 and set up in the old walled garden in Towneley Park.

First things first, we all made ourselves a cuppa, introduced ourselves to the other visitors and then Phil Dewhurst gave us a brief introduction and history of the project.

In the morning Phil gave us a tour of offshoots and talked about the many different activities they are involved in there. It was amazing how much they had fit into a relatively small area. To give you an example there was fruit/veg growing, Tudor style timber building work, a compost loo, cob oven, yurt making, composting and lots more interesting things.

In the afternoon we were split into groups and given the chance to get involved with some activities. We did either cotton grass propagation, soil sieving, dividing blackcurrant plants and  planting of garlic, french beans and white beans. Then we had the great opportunity to get dressed up in suits and go and visit the bees. It was buzzing!

We all had really fun day and were glad we had the chance to see this inspiring permaculture project and meet the nice people responsible for it.



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