Reservoir Trails update….

…..from the Communities Team

The last two weeks of our voluntary graduate placement have seen us visiting the local countryside and reservoirs as part of our work with Pennine Prospects Reservoir Trails scheme. The aim of this project is to run up to 6 guided walks with groups within the community who would not normally engage with the local countryside and reservoirs.

First up saw us take the audio trail around Piethorne and Ogden reservoirs. We are hoping to produce a shortened version of this and identify local groups who are interested in participating in this project.

Piethorne Reservoir

Piethorne Reservoir

A view of Ogden reservoir

A view of Ogden reservoir

Secondly we visited Hollingworth Lake to meet Adam Clayton from Rochdale Council. Here we discussed putting together a desription of a circular walk to be used in brochures promoting the local reservoirs. We agreed to write descriptions of both Chelburn and Castleshaw reservoirs in addition to our planned guided walks.

The rest of the week was spent visiting these areas and writing descriptions of the route, getting slightly lost along the way!

A view from the Roman Fort overlooking the reservoir at Castleshaw



Upper Chelburn reservoir


Luckily the weather was kind to us, and the rain stayed away! We also made some friends along the way…..


Car driving dogs @ Hollingworth Lake

If you have any local information we could use for our guided walks or would like to attend one at Piethorne or Hollingworth reservoir, please email us at

– Natalie, Jess and Annie


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