Snow day @ Boarshaw

After a weekend of heavy snowfall we headed back to Boarshaw for week 2 of our planned improvements. This week we were focusing on improving the main entrance to the site and redefining the pathways. 

Before clearing the site


...........and after

Our activities for the day were slightly limited due to the snow however we had more than enough work to be getting on with through clearing the site and cutting back the dead Japanese Knotweed. As Lili went about making her slightly leafy looking snowman we started cutting down brambles ready for redefining the path once the ground has thawed.

Lili's snowman

The only downside to the snow was not being able to get the kellie kettle going at Lunch however the wintery view of the lake and ‘Elf’ style throwball fight distracted us from the lack of brews.

Lili, Phoebe and Rachel enjoying a scenic Lunch

After a week away from Boarshaw due to the icy conditions we’re hoping to return to the site to continue clearing the area and, rather optimistically, seeds have already been bought for sowing later in the year. Watch this space……

Main entrance to site before….
…..and after

– Natalie


Snow far snow good…

I can’t believe we are already in week 4 of the programme – time has flown by! The team have been very busy over the last week getting to grips with their individual projects and of course working on Boarshaw Clough, the nature site we will be maintaining. This week Natalie was our team leader for the day and our main task was to clear up one of the entrance features which has become particularly overgrown by knotweed and brambles.

Despite the snow covered ground the team of VPAs achieved great results – thanks again for all your hard work it is very much appreciated!

Photos to follow….

Our new volunteers Jeanette and Sam have now started their placements at Oldham Evening Chronicle so we will get them to post soon about what they have been up to.


Just look at that view!

Monday saw the first of our conservation days on Boarshaw Clough. After being introduced to new members of our team, Emma and Steven, we all clambered aboard the minibus eager to start. Last week we had surveyed the site and identified areas that required our attention. As I was going to be the project leader for the day I decided to focus on the amphitheatre area.

After a captivating (?!) introduction and tool safety talk (making full use of the amphitheatre landscape of course!) it was straight to work.

A captivated audience!

One task was to fill in the trenches around the wooden slats on the ground that were making fantastic trip hazards for unsuspecting walkers! After an initial panic over the frozen ground, that group quickly got started clearing the pathway and using the discarded turf to fill in the holes.

Zac and Emma working hard in the amphitheatre.

 Another group set to work on an overgrown area around one of the benches on the site. The view  of a sea of brambles was quickly transformed into a much more pleasant one, revealing the stream below.

Rachel attacking the brambles.

 All this hard work was of course carried out either side of the very important lunch break, followed by a quick game of Viking Kubbs. I amazed everyone with my LACK of throwing ability, but luckily the rest of my team had much better aim and we came away triumphant!

Suzanne umpiring a game of Kubbs.


Thanks everyone for a great day and here’s to next Monday!