All That Magazine – end of Week 4

Armed with pieces of paper, pens and more than a little panache we made our first bold steps into schools this week.

North Chadderton formed our first visit with our Oldham Evening Chronicle team leader but Thursday’s visit to Radcylffe School was just the three of us. Both had differing positives and negatives but as we all know, you learn from your experiences and we have done that, so progress is being made.

Forward steps have been taken and these schools as well as others are interested in contributing to the magazine but coming up to Christmas we are well aware, as a mid-week meeting highlighted, that our January timescale was more than a little squeezed if we want to produce a 32-page magazine written by, and aimed at, 13-21 year olds in Oldham.

Mahdlo, Positive Steps, Oldham Youth Council, Hathershaw Academy, Oldham Community Radio (and probably others) are in the diary for the upcoming week so we are going to be very busy in and out of the office.

Flyers and posters have been produced and some will already be in circulation and we hope lead to feedback towards the magazine.

Reflecting back on the week, the Jubilee Nature Reserve event was unfortunately a bit of a disaster as despite efforts from quite a few people the weather beat us into submission and left the gazebo’s looking like something out of a disaster movie.

There is evidence of the three VPA’s acting, among other people, as integral structures to the Gazebo’s as the wind threatened to take us Mary Poppins-style back down towards Wren’s Nest.

The week ahead will produce a lot, especially with all our meetings, but we are aware as the man in the red suit approaches people will be hankering for a cup of cocoa and some marshmallows so progress may be slow but even inching forward is progress as this author would like to have as much of the magazine content in place before our placement expires at the end of January.

Don’t forget All That Magazine has a twitter and Facebook account as well as its very own WordPress site.


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