All That Magazine – end of Week 3

Another week has been ticked off and while we have accomplished quite a lot, saying we are three weeks in and there are only nine weeks to go is more than a little scary!

The advert for “All That Magazine” was published in the Oldham Evening Chronicle’s “Extra” pullout this week so we are ready for content to come flowing in now and the social media side of things is at least moving forwards if not taking the world by storm.

A meeting with Groundwork’s own Suzanne Walton has enabled us to prepare mock lesson plans and contacting schools is definetly on the agenda in the upcoming days.

Speaking of Groundwork, if you are free this Thursday (December 8th) 12:30-2:30pm get yourself down to Jubilee Nature Reserve for a fun day and chance to try pond dipping and see how to make a Hedgehog home.

Back on the subject of the magazine, we are inching further forward day by day and jobs are being ticked off as we go from contacting sources, to advertising, production and marketing but we still have a way to go yet.

Three weeks in and already we have been involved in most sectors of producing the inaugral issue of the magazine and some things have been easier than others showing that the learning curve has certainly begun.

Finally I would like to echo the previous post’s mention about teamwork. While each of us in the team and our supervisors are suited to specific areas in terms of producing a magazine, we have all co-operated and voiced opinions that have been taken onboard. 

This is creating a team atmosphere that is determined to produce the magazine to a high standard but also to have fun and experience the highs and lows on the way to the end product.


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