Christmas and New Year break

Well, hasn’t 2011 gone fast!

That is what everyone around me keeps saying anyway, I am not sure I totally agree with this statement but I can understand the sentiment behind it.

We are more than half way through this VPA placement with Groundwork Oldham and Rochdale and the Oldham Evening Chronicle and recognise the magazine’s optimistic release date of Jan 31, 2012 will be pushed back.

While we will not be the team behind the actual launch we will have put the substantial framework behind it and so will the team after us for the team that follows them.

Our last few days at the office saw winding down from schools and community groups but not before Mahdlo and Oldham Young Persons Development Group and Go! Oldham (among others) were reached about the magazine’s template.

There has been a lot of interest in this product, and why shouldn’t there be? A 32-page A5 magazine, produced quarterly for free, written by 13-21 year olds and they have the chance to take pictures as well. Sounds like a dream to put on the personal statement and CV or just something to do to have a lot of fun!

In 2012 more meetings are pencilled in and content will be asked for as Oldham Youth Council, Positive Steps, Go Oldham and schools such as Radcylffe, North Chadderton and Hathershaw allow us to pitch our magazine to students as this magazine turns from a dream into a reality.

We are doing all we can to get out there into our community and engage our audience, but as we are only volunteers please (and I am mean this), PLEASE don’t hesitate to suggest an idea or point us in the right direction, ask for advice/tips – anything you think we can help with, we will do our best.

A good note to conclude is to make you aware to keep a look out for our flyers which now offer contributors to the magazine the chance to win a Kindle.   

Kindle flyer

Happy New Year everyone and we look forward to getting back in the office and working with you in some capacity in 2012!


All That Magazine – end of Week 4

Armed with pieces of paper, pens and more than a little panache we made our first bold steps into schools this week.

North Chadderton formed our first visit with our Oldham Evening Chronicle team leader but Thursday’s visit to Radcylffe School was just the three of us. Both had differing positives and negatives but as we all know, you learn from your experiences and we have done that, so progress is being made.

Forward steps have been taken and these schools as well as others are interested in contributing to the magazine but coming up to Christmas we are well aware, as a mid-week meeting highlighted, that our January timescale was more than a little squeezed if we want to produce a 32-page magazine written by, and aimed at, 13-21 year olds in Oldham.

Mahdlo, Positive Steps, Oldham Youth Council, Hathershaw Academy, Oldham Community Radio (and probably others) are in the diary for the upcoming week so we are going to be very busy in and out of the office.

Flyers and posters have been produced and some will already be in circulation and we hope lead to feedback towards the magazine.

Reflecting back on the week, the Jubilee Nature Reserve event was unfortunately a bit of a disaster as despite efforts from quite a few people the weather beat us into submission and left the gazebo’s looking like something out of a disaster movie.

There is evidence of the three VPA’s acting, among other people, as integral structures to the Gazebo’s as the wind threatened to take us Mary Poppins-style back down towards Wren’s Nest.

The week ahead will produce a lot, especially with all our meetings, but we are aware as the man in the red suit approaches people will be hankering for a cup of cocoa and some marshmallows so progress may be slow but even inching forward is progress as this author would like to have as much of the magazine content in place before our placement expires at the end of January.

Don’t forget All That Magazine has a twitter and Facebook account as well as its very own WordPress site.

All That Magazine – end of Week 3

Another week has been ticked off and while we have accomplished quite a lot, saying we are three weeks in and there are only nine weeks to go is more than a little scary!

The advert for “All That Magazine” was published in the Oldham Evening Chronicle’s “Extra” pullout this week so we are ready for content to come flowing in now and the social media side of things is at least moving forwards if not taking the world by storm.

A meeting with Groundwork’s own Suzanne Walton has enabled us to prepare mock lesson plans and contacting schools is definetly on the agenda in the upcoming days.

Speaking of Groundwork, if you are free this Thursday (December 8th) 12:30-2:30pm get yourself down to Jubilee Nature Reserve for a fun day and chance to try pond dipping and see how to make a Hedgehog home.

Back on the subject of the magazine, we are inching further forward day by day and jobs are being ticked off as we go from contacting sources, to advertising, production and marketing but we still have a way to go yet.

Three weeks in and already we have been involved in most sectors of producing the inaugral issue of the magazine and some things have been easier than others showing that the learning curve has certainly begun.

Finally I would like to echo the previous post’s mention about teamwork. While each of us in the team and our supervisors are suited to specific areas in terms of producing a magazine, we have all co-operated and voiced opinions that have been taken onboard. 

This is creating a team atmosphere that is determined to produce the magazine to a high standard but also to have fun and experience the highs and lows on the way to the end product.