Swan Island

The team set to work on making an Island for the swans who live on the lodge at Boarshaw. We wanted to give them a resting spot away from the bank. The main components consisted of a pallet, some plastic wire (for grip and to house a trof of aquatic plants), bottles and some plants adapted to the wet conditions.

   The swans awaiting their new island home.

The team set to work on constructing the raft. The bottles to be used as flotation devices were filled with foam to keep them watertight and the plastic wire was attached to the floor of the raft and at the side made into trofs for the aquatic plants. After lunch where some of the volunteers learnt about the difficulties of playing heads and volleys with steel toe caps on at the nearby pitch, the process of attaching the anchors began. First some of the team set about the task of working out how deep they needed to go by using rope a bottle and a brick as the weight to find the bottom.

Paul assessing the water depth.

After this the final construction process began which involved attaching the anchors and flotation devices and adding the vegetation to the platform.

The team constructing the raft.

When all was done the moment we had all been waiting for arrived, launch time! After a slight mishap on the bank we lowered the platfrom in and it floated, just about! Using a creative method involving a slip knot devised by Paul we were able to tow the island to the middle of the lodge leaving the swans with a new island.   


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