Death to overhanging branches!

The VPA team rocked up to Boarshaw Clough again on Monday, with the aim to repair some load bearing gabions and remove some troublesome branches. Happy to be outside on a pleasant day we took part in a tool talk while watching a wasp attempt to find a home amongst Amy’s hair. A trend is occurring so keep your eyes peeled for which species will join us for next weeks health and safety talk.

The team split into three groups, dividing ourselves up between branch cutting, path strimming and gabion fixing. The gabions were fixed up with new wire and we planted some alpine plants that are known to grow well on rocky patches. Everyone was given a chance at each of these activities, though Colin took to the branch cutting like a man possessed hoping to ensure enough light for the growth of newly planted strawberries and alpine plants.
We had lunch next to Boarshaw lodge sitting in the sunshine. We watched a dog happily bark at a waddling swan, blissfully unaware it could have its arm broken at any moment. With it being Amy’s last Boarshaw foray Suzanne gave her a tree ID exam that Amy eventually passed with 100%, congrats Amy! Tobias was equally happy, when a child’s scooter, found in the undergrowth allowed him to impress the group with attempts at 180 degree bunny hops. Go TJ!
After lunch and with Jo braving the wilds of Scotland, Paul supervised our clearance efforts with the gusto of a man just returned from a 2 week holiday. We cleared the path using a combo of strimmer, saw and shovel, making habitat piles out of the removed branches and turf. Everyone was pretty happy with the results so we set off back to Groundwork HQ to wash the mud off our boots and debrief.


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