A Horse Tool Talk!

On Monday, the VPA team travelled back to Boarshaw Clough for some more path clearance and maintenance. The sun came out for the mini heatwave which hit the British Isles all week, making a nice change from the tail end of Hurricane Katia on our previous visit.

First task, the action packed tool talk, during which the neighbouring horses decided to join in, where everyone was given a tool that would be used and they had to rack their memories on how to handle it.

The team paying full attention to the very important tool talk

After the tool talk it was straight on to widening the path, cutting back the brambles, removing hazards from the path and clearing the access gate. This weeks interesting finds were mainly babies nappies, a whole lot of dog dirt and far too many wasps to keep track of! The highlight of the day for me personally, was the large choice of cakes at dinner time courtesy of Dave with his brownies and flapjacks and Tobias with his muffins!

During the afternoon, the sun was still shining and the path was beginning to take shape around the top access gate with the clearing of a lot of brambles, which would have been made a lot easier if the hedge trimmer had not hit some barbed wire and broke! The mixture of being distracted by feeding the horses and the familiar sight of Colin sat in some bushes meant a good day was had by all.


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