Boarshaw, Trees and Postman Pat

With the tail end of hurricane Katia snapping at our heels, we set of to Boarshaw Clough. Our task? To survey trees on the site, identifying species and recording their condition. We all had a map of the site, and split into three groups, each with our own section to concentrate on.

 We found Boarshaw Clough to have an impressive array of species, everything from willow, to sycamore, to small fruit trees that had only just been planted. Though not without their problems, there was an impressive range of tree ailments evident in the trees we surveyed.

Our surveyors get to work

In the afternoon, the group set about continuing the work started last week on the path restoration at the far end of Boarshaw Clough. A brief on site tool talk was given before we resumed work; cutting back shrubs to allow for easier access and removing rubbish we found hidden amongst the bushes.


 Before                                                                                    After

 This week’s interesting find was a children’s Postman Pat pop-up tent, which, I think, fails to top the meat slicer that was found last week! Despite the wind the weather held out and a rewarding day was had by all as we slowly but surely make headway on this overgrown stretch of path.


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