Hot off The Press! Photography & Press Release Training

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 Practicing close-up shots, individual portraits, landscapes, and group portraits.

Title of Story: VPA Get Media Savvy
Publication: VPA Blog
Date: 9/9/11

Who: Andrew Fowler (25) from Oldham, Marketing Officer at Groundwork, led the VPA team and enthusiastic volunteer Carly from the Jubilee project, in learning all about writing press releases and taking great photos to publicise their projects.

What: Leading lines, natural framing, using the golden ratio, and all kinds of digital editing - should in theory be on display in the photos above! Plus, exclusive evidence presented here on how to structure your press release!

When & Where: A lovely sunny/rainy Friday that may or may not be autumn, at the Groundwork Environment Centre, Higginshaw.

Why: So you the public can learn all about our exciting work!

How: Taking advantage of the marvelous local landscape and natural beauty that is Higginshaw, we dilligently went about our task of taking four types of photo, close ups using the macro setting, individual portraits, landscape pictures, and group portraits. Taking between half a dozen and more than 150 pictures, the volunteers developed and demonstrated their natural flair for capturing arresting images.

Then, after a quick team meeting, they worked on their press release writing skills, and more crucially, bad puns. Because the key thing here is surely to keep you, gentle readers, all a-moosed!


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