An autumnal day at Boarshaw

The monday session at Boarshaw proved to be very autumn like with lots of rain and wind. Nevertheless the team were out working with no amount of rain keeping them from doing their task.

They set to work clearing vegetation along a very overgrown area of path which leads past the horse field. After battling through endless brambles the old edging board to the path was discovered. It was totally obscured buy the encroaching vegetation and it was a suprise to find it. After discovering this the team cleared a stretch of overgrown shrubs and brambles back to the original path edge. Fortunately the only sunshine of the day coincided with lunchtime, the rain emerged once again in the afternoon.

The team continued to make headway on the path which is arguably the most overgrown on site. Some of the team were also able to complete their strimmer training with a member of the contracts staff who came out to join the team for the day. It was a good start to a large job and a good test of the teams waterproof kits.

Pictures to follow…………


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