Initial Site Survey at Boarshaw Clough

The team were out on site on Boarshaw Clough for the first time on monday doing their initial site survey. First up was a brief tour of the site which fortunately was conducted under brilliant sunshine. After taking in the different habitats that are around on site and a spot of lunch the group split into three teams and went round looking for jobs to do over the next ten weeks of the scheme.


Paul, Gareth and Colin surveying.

By the end of the day the main priorities had been decided upon. Some of the footpaths needed alot of attention in regard to making them wider and removing obstructive vegetation (let strimmer training commence!). Also the team decided to try methods to improve water quality in the lodge in the coming weeks which would involve planting aquatic plant species and experimenting with silt traps. Also some of the Gabions on one path need attention and hopefully the missing stones in them can be reapplied along with alpine plants to bind them together more effectively and make them look more pleasing to the eye.

The team will be back on site getting stuck into these tasks every monday from september.


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