Work at Langley with NCIS


On thursday Matt was out with gemma’s NCIS (Neighbourhood Community Involvement Skills) team helping out with their day in the life of a contractor workshop. The aim of the day was to help Adam the contracts manager at Groundwork with a project at Langley Childrens Centre.

One of the completed stumps in the ground

As part of the nature area that was being created, a seating area, which would eventually be enclosed in a wildlife space was on the agenda. Using recycled tree trunks the plan was to install these into a circlular space for a group of over 20 to sit down and use it as a learning place. The trunk parts were about 2-3 feet tall, holes of 1 foot needed to be dug for them and then they were sealed in using a concrete mix. 

Gemma getting stuck in

By the end of the day they were in place and a new seating area was beginning to take shape. The day was a great success and all involved enjoyed their day out despite the rain in the morning. The team cant wait for their next workshop which is food growing.


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