Grinding Metal

The big sign that had to come out

A scorching day at Boarshaw demanded some hot new tools for the job on site. The plan formulated by Alice was to remove some of the old signs that had been vandalised on site. They were all metal and had been put in using concrete. Rather than digging them out we brought the angle grinder.

After chipping away at some of the concrete and soil it was brought into use. The idea was to cut through them below ground level so the stumps could be concealed underground. After the digging was complete Christian and Jo got on all the safety gear and got grinding. Sparks flew and they were able to cut out two signs, the second of which was quite large. 

The grinder in action

We got the signs up the hill to the vans at the end of the day for them to be disposed of and then did a little balsam bashing to conclude the day. The team had sweated buckets in the heat for the cause but were determined to meet the targets set at the start of the day, in the end it was a job well done.  

The big one is out


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