Day in the office

Hey Matt, Jawad, Alice and Sarah Lav here having an office day. Jawad is researching wild flowers today for his project. The rest of us are working on presentation material for the volunteer celebration day on friday where we’re all doing presentations on our projects to all the other volunteers and staff at groundwork. There is going to be loads of cake to distract us!!! Alice & Sarah are doing a pretty poster Matt is taking the boring uni style powerpoint option to make everyone want the cake! We will put some photos of the cake and Matt boring the crowd after the event. We’ve just got Jo talking about cake for the presentation so gona leave it for today and join the discussion.


Wet Wet WET!

This week the team battled with the wind and torrential rain whilst trying to improve the drainage on site! Many areas of the site have become pretty boggy due to the wet weather and blocked up drainage pipes. Everyone worked hard to dig out wider trenches at the entrance and exit points of the pipes which will hopefully improve the flow of water into the ponds on site. We also continued coppicing some very overgrown dogwoods and started to Bash some Himalayan Balsam that is springing up all over the site.

We are really hoping for some warmer/drier weather next week although all that time spent on the bus waiting for the rain to clear meant more time to drink brews – yeah!

Surveying Boarshaw Clough, Middleton

As part of the Graduate volunteer project we will be adopting Boarshaw Nature site for 12 weeks and carrying out improvements there every Monday!  The site has fallen into disrepair with burned interpretation signs and damaged footpaths but there are also signs of life with nesting swans in the lodge.

First day on our nature site - ID trees and plan the maintenance jobs for the next 12 weeks!

Welcome to the Groundwork Volunteer Project Assistant Blog!

Here we will update any events that we are organising and give you the low down on what volunteering with Groundwork is really all about!

The Volunteer Project Assistant Scheme aims to give Graduates experience of working on environment and regeneration projects. Each member of the team will work in a department of Groundwork Oldham & Rochdale on a project for 12 weeks to get work experience to help boost their careers. Keep checking back to see how the team are getting on!